EUROPEAN CEO presents Daniel Ekberg

EUROPEAN CEO presents Daniel Ekberg

“Knowing how to pick the right leaders in a globalised, increasingly selective corporate world has made AIMS International one of the leading executive recruitment firms out there”
An interview with Daniel Ekberg, President of AIMS International, by EUROPEAN CEO

Having ranked among the top 10 executive search firms worldwide in the past five years, AIMS International must be doing something right. The headhunting firm always gets strong results in global ranking because it has learnt how to crack the recruitment code. Finding leaders that can take a firm to success despite location or sector is not an easy feat in an age where executives are increasingly selective about their future employers. This is essentially why AIMS International has spread itself across all continents with more than 90 offices in around 50 countries. The firm hopes that it can gain access to a plethora of talented individuals across borders and sectors.

With companies becoming increasingly global, it has been crucial for AIMS to be able to deliver a cross-border service, says Daniel Ekberg, President of AIMS International.

Daniel Ekberg President AIMS InternationalIn this respect, AIMS has significantly benefited from its international presence. “Before companies were national, then international, multinational and now global. This means a 24 hour operation all over the planet, in all cultures, with all types of legislation and rules,” explains Ekberg. “Few executive search firms are truly global. AIMS International is and that is our biggest advantage.” Continue reading “EUROPEAN CEO presents Daniel Ekberg” »

Research and evaluation  of talent

Research and evaluation of talent

A close-knit team to provide an excellent service of Executive Search

Text by Elena Marzorati – Photo by Elisa Casanova, PLATINUM MAGAZIN, July 2014

AIMS Italia belongs to the Group AIMS International, one of the major organizations working in the field of Executive Search, present in 5 continents and more than 50 countries. “AIMS Italia does not follow a rigid modus operandi that in the minds of people is often associated with a multinational company. On the contrary, flexibility is our strength, as well as orientation to customer, for which we produce deepened mapping of the market of interest to identify talent with more interesting skills. The best accuracy of service is our ultimate goal, “explain Pierangelo Favero and Eleonora Chiodelli, shareholder members of this company, which is specialized in the head hunting of manager and evaluation of human resources, and which in 15 years has grown steadily, from 8 to 25 employees and is about to usher in a new headquarter in Milano. Continue reading “Research and evaluation of talent” »

About management stars and meteors

About management stars and meteors

Why do managers succeed in one organization and fail in another?

Managers may ride a roller coaster as they change ship from one organization to another. So do their new employers.

By Maria Shishkova, AIMS International, August 2014

Some of us have experienced it: you are hiring this brightly shining Star into your team and expect miracles to start happening soon. In the initial months the exhilaration can still be there – it is like a romantic honeymoon. Soon after that a time may come when you realize: you need to change the expectations to the new star or change something else.

What can that something else be? Feel free to mix and match from the list below: Continue reading “About management stars and meteors” »

The strategy vision 2017, core topic at the AGM 2014

The strategy vision 2017, core topic at the AGM 2014

Austria, Vienna; Costa Rica, San José, 2014

While last years’ General Assembly of AIMS International had faced the major change in management, this year’s meeting in San José, Costa Rica, focused on the strategy vision 2017.

The panel, from left to right: Mr. Daniel Ekberg, Mr. Juan Carlos Solano, Mr. Alvaro Melendez

Flanking but important topics were the development of new services for global accounts as well as an opening event, which raised interest at nearly all international companies in Costa Rica as well as at the local press and media, based on the innovations in the HR market which were presented. Mr. Daniel Ekberg, President of AIMS International, and lecturer, Mr. Alvaro Melendez, an innovation expert, dictated the talk “Innovative talent in organizations”

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Recruitment models and the total value of hire

Recruitment models and the total value of hire

A reflection about recruitment models –
It’s all about Total Cost/ Value of Hire

By Grégoire Depeursinge, AIMS International, July 2014

“The external cost is only the tip of the iceberg”

Retained executive search firms face strong competition from other candidate sourcing models. In addition to contingent search firms on the market of external search providers, in-house recruitment teams are lately being built with increasing force.

What are the reasons for this development? Continue reading “Recruitment models and the total value of hire” »