The strategy vision 2017, core topic at the AGM 2014

The strategy vision 2017, core topic at the AGM 2014

Austria, Vienna; Costa Rica, San José, 2014

While last years’ General Assembly of AIMS International had faced the major change in management, this year’s meeting in San José, Costa Rica, focused on the strategy vision 2017.

The panel, from left to right: Mr. Daniel Ekberg, Mr. Juan Carlos Solano, Mr. Alvaro Melendez

Flanking but important topics were the development of new services for global accounts as well as an opening event, which raised interest at nearly all international companies in Costa Rica as well as at the local press and media, based on the innovations in the HR market which were presented. Mr. Daniel Ekberg, President of AIMS International, and lecturer, Mr. Alvaro Melendez, an innovation expert, dictated the talk “Innovative talent in organizations”

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Recruitment models and the total value of hire

Recruitment models and the total value of hire

A reflection about recruitment models –
It’s all about Total Cost/ Value of Hire

By Grégoire Depeursinge, AIMS International, July 2014

“The external cost is only the tip of the iceberg”

Retained executive search firms face strong competition from other candidate sourcing models. In addition to contingent search firms on the market of external search providers, in-house recruitment teams are lately being built with increasing force.

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EMEA Board elections

EMEA Board elections

New VP EMEA from Germany
2014-06-24th Vienna, Austria – With Peter Barkhurst, Partner at AIMS International Germany, being appointed as new board member, the general assembly gave a clear signal in favor of further strengthening the organizations´ international cooperation. “AIMS International Germany has always been among the biggest cross border players; I would like to use my board role to enhance joint business development activities in a global context. Let’s make the difference for our international clients!” says the most recent board member.

Mr. Barkhurst’s background is well based for nowadays urgent demands in Global Executive Search and Talent Management, as he gathered more than 25 years of international leadership experience in German Air Force and in Human Resources Management in the industrial environments of Drives, Automation, Material Handling and Health Care before joining AIMS International in 2007.

Board members are elected for a three year period; Peter Barkhurst succeeded Mika Hiltunen/Finland. Besides the new member, EMEA is now represented by Judit Simonyi/Hungary, Pierangelo Favero/Italy, Grégoire Depeursinge/Switzerland and the Global President Daniel Ekberg. The Americas are covered by  Vice President Richard Joly/Canada and Bernardo Entschev/Brazil whereas Kevin Wallis/Australia represents Asia/Pacific.

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FOCUS magazine recommends AIMS International

FOCUS magazine recommends AIMS International

June , 2014 – Düsseldorf/Neuss, Germany – AIMS International named one of the 200 recommended search and recruiting companies in Germany.

This evaluation of the industry was done by FOCUS, one of the important weekly business and news magazines in Germany. You find more information about the article here.

AIMS International is delighted to be listed as one of the recommended search firms in this important economy, as the results of this FOCUS survey are based on an independent data collection.

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20 Global Leading Executive Search Firms 2014

20 Global Leading Executive Search Firms 2014

April 27th, 2014 – Vienna, Austria – AIMS International proudly presents THE GLOBAL 20 – AMERICA’S LEADING INTERNATIONAL SEARCH FIRMS – which was published by HSZ Media in April 2014.
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AIMS International is delighted to be again listed as one of the leading international search firms. In the latest list from HSZ Media in 2013, AIMS International was the fifth largest with reference to the number of consultants and second largest with reference to the number of offices worldwide. As of today, it is the Executive Search firm with the most offices worldwide. Continue reading “20 Global Leading Executive Search Firms 2014” »