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Know-how on Executive Search since 1996

AIMS International Japan was established using the results and know-how gained in the placement of management, senior management level and senior professionals that have been accumulated by the Executive Search Section of Human Associates Group, the parent company, since first being founded in 1996. We can further enhance market research capacities and personnel assessment methods by specializing in human resources at the management and senior management levels and provide truly professional services of a retained executive search company for client companies.

Overall Power of Human Associates Group

Human Associates Group will be comprised of enhanced four companies, adding AIMS International Japan to the following three Group companies. We can comprehensively respond to the variety of needs of client companies by utilizing the expertise and characteristics of each Group company, from web-based human resource placements of younger personnel through to retained executive searches at the management and senior management levels, along with mental health care consultations.


Established: September 1996, Representative: Akihiko Watanabe
Business: Administration of Human Associates Group and search-type human resource placements


Established: November 2000, Representative: Itsuki Yoshiyasu
Business: web-based placement of human resources from younger personnel right through to middle class levels

Human Frontier Inc.

Established: January 2000, Representative: Yutaka Kamisawa
Business: Employee counseling, EAP business, and Lifework service


  • Executive Search
  • Executive Coaching
  • Successor Planning
  • Executive Assessments

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